Terraclean restores your vehicle's performance and fuel economy by removing carbon deposits from your oxygen sensors and other engine components.

The unique Terraclean advanced cleaning system removes most carbon deposits from your engine, reducing your emissions.

Respected motoring journalist Quentin Wilson reported a 14% improvement in MPG in his Sunday Mirror column.

Carbon deposits influence the performance of your engine. Removal of the deposits significantly improves overall vehicle performance.

A Terraclean service will:

  • Restore fuel economy
  • Regain vehicle performance
  • Smooth idle by increasing lambda efficiency
  • Save on costly repairs by prolonging component life
  • Give immediate drive-away difference

In recent  years here at Copythorne Garage in the New Forest near Southampton, we have noticed an increase in repairs to some of our customers cars due to excessive build up of carbon. This has particularly affected the operation of turbos and exhaust gas recirculation valves, potentially causing diesel particulate filters to become blocked, not to mention reducing the overall performance and efficiency of the engine.

We wanted to see if we could find a way of helping to prevent  these issues. This is when we found the Terraclean service. The guys at Terraclean kindly came out to us here in Southampton and offered to demonstrate the Terraclean system on both a diesel and a petrol car. We were asked to carry out MOT emissions tests on both cars, before and after the Terraclean was carried out, on the petrol car an improvement of 20% was found, and on the diesel car it was 25%.

Our Garage is based on the west side of Southampton in the New Forest. We have been carrying out the Terraclean service on both diesel and petrol cars for two years now, and it has been an effective way of helping prevent expensive repairs, and also has been a useful tool for cleaning/repairing particulate filter problems. Our customers who have had the Terraclean service carried out on their vehicles have noticed a marked improvement in the way the vehicle drives. We have been offering the Terraclean service at our workshop in Southampton to our customers to help prolong the life of the fuel injectors and emission control systems on modern vehicles.

We have also found that low mileage diesel cars that only do short trips seem to encounter more diesel particulate filter faults, these cars would benefit greatly from having a Terraclean service on a regular basis.

For more information and driver reviews please visit The Terraclean Website http://www.terraclean.co.uk/ or pop into our workshop in Southampton for an informal chat, or to book your vehicle in.

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